In the wake of tragedy, we create healing spaces.


The Cory Johnson Program for Post-Traumatic Healing  was founded in September 2014 to address the collateral damage of the epidemic of violence in urban communities. For every single act of violence, hundreds are impacted. Based in the historic Roxbury Presbyterian Church and named after a young murdered father, the Cory Johnson Program allows traumatized and grieving families a safe space to share their pain and participate in the healing power of community. The centerpiece of The Cory Johnson Program is Can We Talk…

“Pain like the kind my family has suffered does not go away but it does slowly become redemptive. Now when I listen as wounded neighbors courageously share their stories; I am encouraged because I know they can heal, and Cory’s name has become a beacon for hope.”

– Debra Johnson, Cory Johnson’s Mother


Sharing your story is a powerful healing tool, but it is only part of the process. Listening is the other equally important part, healing onto itself. When individuals gather to form community around each other’s stories, there is a special connection, a mutuality of healing that can spread beyond the space.

“Listening to stories helps us form a healing community, in which we can all be redeemed and restored. By opening our hearts and mouths to speak the unspeakable, we grow the spiritual muscles to heal.”

– Rev. Liz Walker


Rev. Liz Walker
Founding Director
Colleen Sharka, LMHC
Co-Founder and Director of Replication & Trauma Education
Dana Baker
Replication Associate
Wyatt Jackson
Expressive Arts Coordinator
Naomi Thompson
Can We Talk Outreach Associate
Debra Johnson
Site Companion and Cory Johnson’s Mother